Distant Point is a passionate proponent of the everyday use of innovative technologies. We focus on the development of software that can advance the fields of medical technology, education, arhitectute and entertaiment.
Since its inception in 2015, DP offers full software solutions and comprehensive services that include analysis, design, development, maintenance and technical support. DP offers “end products” such as web solutions, web applications, mobile applications, Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) applications. Moreover the team at DP is highly skilled at consulting, analysis, database migration, quality assurance and (software) testing.
At DP we foster teamwork and collaboration; guided by our passion for IT we engage in cutting-edge technological developments that align with the latest digital trends. We have built a global clientele that is continuously growing - we have successfully provided commercial services in the fields of education, medicine, multimedia, “big data” and government institutions to companies located all over Europe and the United States.

Policy and culture

Our reputation and success is a direct result of the company`s policy of continuous professional development, a culture of grit, passion, innovation and trustworthiness. DP is certified and adheres to the highest international standards for:

Information security ISO

IT Service Management System ISO 20000


Our aim is to develop lifelong relationships with our clients by always going the extra mile to provide the best possible level of service in every situation. We believe that trust is not built on occasional good deeds, but continuously, through dedicated commitment day after day, year after year.
Thank you for choosing us.

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UK 7

Haycroft Gardens, London, NW10 3BJ


Speicherstr 11, 60327 Frankfurt


Frasca Think Tank, Brandackerweg 1, 8160 Uster


Pariska 50/1-1 1000, Skopje +38975295335

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